Mobile Web Apps Class

Happy Photo Of Renee

About Renee

Hello! I'm a happy coder who enjoys creative work. When people see me immersed in a project, they will FEEL a strong sense of joy permeating the workspace. SMELL the candle burning at both ends! HEAR the sizzle of hot keyboarding. Love it. Also I enjoy watching birds and mammals eating stuff in the untidy wilderness of my urban yard. They spend most of their time eating!

Why This Mobile Web class?

Last semester in Claudia Da Silva's wonderful JS/AJAX class, we built a web portfolio of homework projects—the end result was something fun to show to family, and also great resumé addition! I felt certain that Claudia's Mobile Web Apps class will likewise be of benefit, spiritually and professionally.

Technologies For This Class

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


  • Bootstrap - Template-based HTML/CSS framework allows rapid development of mobile-responsive websites with a minimum of effort. Kyle at Web Dev offers a helpful video describing use cases for Bootstrap.
  • W3C CSS Validation - excellent resource to validate HTML 5 before submitting class assignments.